There are presently no open calls for submissions.

We are currently closed for submissions.

General Guidelines:

Thank you for your interest in Memorious: a journal of new verse & fiction.  We hope you have already visited us at, where you can read through our archives to get to know the magazine. 

BIPOC and GLBTQI writers: we welcome your work! We continue to work to expand the voices in our pages, and we welcome emerging writers and underrepresented voices.

  • Please note that we do not publish previously published work (anywhere online or in print), collaborative poetry or prose, creative nonfiction, or reviews in the magazine.
  • We welcome simultaneous submissions.  See genre guidelines for instructions if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  •  Please do not query us about your submission status. You can check your status on Submittable: if your submission says "open," you may already have been read by editors, or if it says "in-progress,"  this means you have been assigned to readers as well, and you will hear from us when a decision has been made. 
  • We will no longer write personal responses to submissions unless we are accepting work. Even if we know you.The quality of our submissions is continually so high that responding to all of the wonderful work we have to pass over slows us down considerably. Also, we have noticed that "near miss" emails are sometimes very frustrating to writers even when meant to express how much we admire you.  If it doesn't work out this round, please try us again: our editors notice return submissions and will be looking for your poem that might be the right fit!

We look forward to reading your work! Check us out at, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @memoriousmag.  

POETRY: Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your poems.

  • Submissions received from March 1st-June 1st will be considered for Issue 33.
  • We do not accept previously published poems. (This means poems published anywhere online or in print.)
  • Please send 4-6 poems in one attached Word or rtf document that is titled with  your first and last name (i.e. PabloNeruda.doc). Your name and email address should be on at least the first page of the document. We request that you include your cover letter in the note area provided by Submittable.
  • Feel free to send simultaneous submissions. If an individual poem is accepted for publication elsewhere, please add a note to your submission ASAP; if all of the poems are taken elsewhere (congratulations!), please withdraw the full submission.  Please DO NOT email the editors with individual poem withdrawals. This separates the information from the larger pool of readers who are reading the poems.
  • Please do not query us about your submission status unless there is need to, such as a deadline for a forthcoming book: if so, please send a message within Submittable. If your submission says "in-progress" we promise we are moving it through the system as quickly and thoughtfully as we can.  Please know that your poems are read by multiple readers and editors, and that we aim to respond within two months.
  • Note that our design template maintains some limitations in terms of formatting. Please keep this in mind as you decide which poems to send us. We were initially designed to echo a print journal, so we have some similar dimension restrictions.

Thank you for considering us as a venue to send your work. We take each submission seriously.

We are honored that you thought of us, and we look forward to reading your poems! Visit us at, and we really hope you will follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @memoriousmag.